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BC Series

Color Mark Sensors

The BC series color mark sensors offer outstanding color matching accuracy for highly reliable and stable color detection. The sensors generate RGB light emitting diodes with 12-bit resolution processing for high color matching accuracy and offer 2 different detection modes with 3-step sensitivity adjustment. The W 1.24 x L 6.7 mm spot size allows the sensors to detect tiny targets and color marks. With an IP67 protection structure, the sensors can provide stable and error-free operation even in wet or dusty environments.


  • Outstanding color matching accuracy
    – RGB light emitting diodes and 12-bit resolution
    – 2 detection modes (color only / color + intensity)
    – 3-step sensitivity adjustment for each mode (fine, normal, rough)
  • External light interference reduction minimizes errors and allows stable detection
  • Check reference color with teaching indicator
  • Operation indicator (red LED), stability indicator (green LED), timer indicator (orange LED)
  • Configure operation functions with external input from wiring
  • W 1.24 x L 6.7 mm spot size for detection of tiny targets and color marks
  • IP67 protection structure (IEC standard))
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