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MP5S/MP5Y/MP5W Series

High Performance Digital Pulse Meters

High performance digital pulse meters MP5S/MP5Y/MP5W Series feature 16 different operation modes, capable of various measurements including speed, frequency, absolute ratio, passing time, error ratio, and more. The meters are capable of 50 kHz high-speed measurements and feature various functions. Various output options are available for application in diverse environments.

– Select features, including additional operation modes, power supply, and added output types, have been upgraded.

– Upgraded features may differ by model. Please refer to the specifications table for upgrade details for each model.

Upgraded Features:

  • New outer case design
  • 3 additional operation modes: length measurement 2, addition/subtraction (independent input), addition/subtraction (phase difference input)
  • Power supply: 24 VAC 50/60 Hz, 24-48 VDC (all models)
  • Parameter lock now available in parameter settings
  • Added output: Relay triple output (MP5Y-□6 models)

Discontinued Models:

  • MP5W-□3 (PNP open collector quintuple output + BCD dynamic output)
  • MP5W-□6 (NPN open collector quintuple output + low speed serial output)
  • MP5W-□7 (PNP open collector quintuple output + low speed serial output)


  • 16 different operation modes:
    Frequency/revolutions/speed, passing speed, cycle, passing time, time interval, time differential, absolute ratio, error ratio, density, error, length measurement 1, length measurement 2, interval, accumulation, addition/subtraction (individual input), addition/subtraction (phase difference input)
  • Various output options:
    Relay triple/quintuple output, NPN/PNP open collector quintuple output, BCD dynamic output, PV transmission output (current output), RS485 communication output
  • Various functions:
    Prescale function, delay monitoring function, hysteresis, auto-zero, parameter lock function, data bank function (MP5W only)
  • Select NPN input (solid state/contact) or PNP input (solid state/contact)
  • Display range: -19999 to 99999
  • Various display units:
    rpm, rps, Hz, kHz, sec, min, m, mm, mm/s, m/s, m/min, m/h, ℓ/s, ℓ/min, ℓ/h, %, counts, etc.

Shaded parts (■) are changed and added functions from previous MP5.

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