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Spot Billing Machine

Spot Billing Machine

LAMPEX Spot Billing Machine was tailor made for Billing applications. The lightweight rugged machine is suitable for many types of billing applications in various environments. This machine is highly used in Electricity Billing applications.

  • Portable and light in weight (less than 750 grams).
  • LiON 2.0 AH battery based.
  • Large 20×4 LCD with back light for easy reading.
  • A multi-function keypad, having 30 keys.
  • RS232/GPRS Connectivity.
  • 24-column impact printer to print bills/receipts.
  • Battery Backed Real Time Clock.
  • Application programme up-gradation via serial port.
  • Rugged construction to withstand shock/vibrations etc.
  • Ergonomically designed ABS plastic casing, facilitates easy handling of the unit.

Specification :

  • Controller : Industry standard high speed RISC micro controller. The controller has two programmable serial ports, In-system programming facility, timers, 10 bit ADCs, digital I/O ports, timers etc. ‘C’ compiler support is available for this range of processors, therefore code is easy to maintain.
  • Real Time Clock : Battery Backed Real Time Clock with time advance and retard feature. This feature is useful when the day temperatures vary due to seasonal changes.
  • Display : 20 character by 4 lines alphanumeric back light LCD. Back light will be OFF when the ISBM is left idle (no key is pressed) for 10 seconds.
  • Key Board : Fully covered Rubberised Key pad.
  • Printer : 24 columns Heavy Duty Dot matrix alphanumeric impact printer with maximum speed of 2.5 lines/sec, paper width – 56mm.
  • Communication Ports : Two RS232 ports are provided with fixed Baud Rate of 115200 for Uploading and downloading of data to and from the ISBM.
  • Communication Cable : Connector cable with one end (D-9 connector) connected to the serial port of PC and the other end (RJ-45) connected to one of the communication ports of the ISBM.

ISBM Details :

  • Size : Compact and as well as lightweight (shoulder hanging).
  • Weight : 750 grams without Paper Roll
  • Dimensions :
    – Length : 320mm
    – Width : 110mm
    – Height : 83mm
  • Paper Roll :
    – Diameter : Max. 68 mm
    – Width : 56 mm
  • Operating Temp. : 50 C to 500 C.
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